Design and Illustration Services

Diana Sousa lives in Portugal, where she splits her time between all things design and illustration related, and all sorts of nerdy content. She currently works as a freelance graphic designer, and as a comic book colorist. She can be bribed with books, tea, chocolate, comic books, video games, Dungeons and Dragons shenanigans, dinosaurs, and yet more chocolate.

She’s currently working on the CRITICAL ROLE: THE MIGHTY NEIN ORIGINS: CALEB WIDOGAST and YASHA NYDOORIN graphic novels as a colorist, as well as CRITICAL ROLE: VOX MACHINA ORIGINS series III, all published by Dark Horse Comics.

She’s also the graphic designer for Apotheosis Studios and their Dungeons and Dragons campaign and setting Sirens: Battle of the Bards, as well as their most recent Kickstarter, a all-in-on tarot deck, playing cards, and prompts deck The Red Opera: Deck of Endless Possibilities.

Here are the design and/or illustration services I provide. You can always contact me if you have any doubts, or if you’d like to know if I can do any other work that is not mentioned here.

For prices and availability, please send me an email detailing what you would like me to do, and I’ll provide you with a number and time.


Web Design

Full Website + Blog

Custom themes for Blogger, WordPress, or self-hosted websites.

Features may include: landing page, header/banner, social media icons, slideshow gallery, SEO (search engine optimization), custom widgets, and others.

– – – – –

Help with Squarespace and Wix Themes

Although themes in these websites are not fully customizable like in the previous ones, I can help you turn them into something that is your own.

– – – – –

Personalized Code Snippets

Countdowns, widgets, and others.

– – – – –

Ability to code in PHP and Javascript. Knowledge of MySQL.


Graphic Design

Print Design

Posters, flyers, postcards, quote cards, bookmarks, business cards, bookplates, stickers, buttons, pins.

– – – – –


Website headers, social media headers and images, marketing, other graphics.

– – – – – 

Book Covers

For ebook and print. Can be character focused, photographic, typographic, illustrated, etc.

– – – – – 

– – – – – 

Design + Illustration

Enamel pins. Pendants.

– – – – – 

Interior Design

Such as typesetting, layout, for magazines as well as printed books and ebooks.



Characters, scenarios, sketches, illustrations to accompany texts, short-stories, picture books, fiction and non-fiction books.

Book covers. Bookplates.

– – – – – 


Fully illustrated and custom maps for books and games.

– – – – – 

Comic Book Coloring

More info and portfolio here.

– – – – – 


Book trailers, intros to TV shows / movies / web series, other types of videos.

Video and audio editing is also available.

– – – – – 


GIFs to advertise your books or other projects.

– – – – – 

3D Animation

Characters, objects, scenarios, etc. Animation videos also available*.

*If interested, you can ask to see my final project for university in this same area.